HMH-ebook-web-400This short story is very near and dear to my heart.  I can’t thank Megan at Novel Grounds enough for inviting me to participate in her anthology and providing an opportunity for my voice to be heard.  Most people think that in society today, we are above racial judgments, and it’s my only hope that someday we will be.  This story, while fiction, is filled with little bits of real life experiences I had to endure as a teenager who never looked at the color of someone’s skin.  For teens, dating is stressful enough.  But to have to worry about racial differences, when those factors should never be an issue to begin with, just compounds the fear and helplessness in my heart.  So, I share this story with everyone in hopes that it will touch at least one person’s life.


** This 10,000 word short story was originally published in the ALL OUR LOVE Romance Anthology by Novel Grounds **

In Gwen’s dreams, no one can take him away from her. His toned body and beautiful mind belong to her… but her feelings for the man she loves can only be expressed on the pages of her journal, hidden in the darkness of night, while the judgmental eyes of the world sleep.

After receiving several threats from those she once called friends, Gwen is forced to reassess her newfound relationship with her sinfully sexy neighbor, Blake. It’s not until Blake’s daughter is also on the receiving end of those threats that Gwen decides to take action.

Just as her determination begins to crumble, Blake becomes her rock, ensuring that one day soon they will be together. Racial judgments be damned.