Hearts-of-the-Soul-front-400Well hello there, Soul Seer Stalkers! The sixth and final book in the Soul Seers series is now LIVE!

This series has been a really wonderful journey for me and I can’t thank my readers enough for all their support. When I first wrote Voices of the Soul to be published in the TWIST Anthology, I never imagined continuing on with Ella and Jonah’s story. Now, I’m incredibly thankful for those who pushed me to do so.  Within the next month, I plan to release the full Soul Seers series boxed set.  In the meantime, check out Hearts of the Soul.

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In life, a happy ending is something you only find in chick flicks. Yet no matter how often we are left with disappointment and struggle, we still strive for our happily ever after.

When Ella battles with her health, both her and Jonah strive to find the answers to their struggles. But is it possible they’ve been holding the key to their happiness in their arms this entire time? The connection they share leaves Ella feeling stronger and more confident than ever as they prepare to meet the Sideri. Will their love prevail?

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For those of you who have not read the entire Soul Seers series, the first book is always free!  Pick up your copy today and enjoy!

Voices-of-the-Soul Eyes-of-the-Soul Truths-of-the-Soul
Blood-of-the-Soul Secrets-of-the-Soul Hearts-of-the-Soul