Please be aware this teaser is meant for readers 18+ and contains sexually explicit content.

TeaserTuesdaysSex and Baseball

(the beginning of their sexual encounter)

Uh huh. Of course the man wanted to know details—what man wouldn’t? Then I got to thinking that telling him about my thoughts might spice things up a bit. Since it was now close to midnight and Ava was just on the other side of that wall, I felt a little sneaky talking about her.

Pushing at him, I pried him off my neck and reached for the remote. Deciding I didn’t want Ava to hear our activities, I turned up the volume a few notches, effectively flooding the room with sounds of baseball.

“Mmm. Sex and baseball. Perfect midnight snack,” Nick mumbled as he practically inhaled one of my breasts, causing me to gasp at the sudden sensation. Still straddling his lap, I pressed myself against him with each sound of the ball clanking against the wooden bat.

The sounds of the crowds cheering on the television gave me the chance to moan loudly with the feeling of his warm tongue teasing my nipple. I threw my chin up and held onto his head, pressing him against my chest, as I continued to dry hump his lap.

Baseball? What Baseball?

(the end of their sexual encounter)

I felt him tremble as he held one of my ass cheeks with one hand while his other held him up above me. I held on for dear life—my arms clinging to his shoulders. Just as I thought he was about to come, he pulled out and tugged at my panties, which were still on and pulled to one side. Within moments, the small black scrap of fabric was tossed over his shoulder and he gestured for me to turn over.

Quickly, I did as he directed and got on my hands and knees—effectively propping my ass up in the air.

My pulse raced with just the thought of him hitting me from behind.

He held my hips lightly and pushed down on my shoulders, pulling me back and causing me to bend further, just enough to keep his target in place.

Oh, hell, yeah.

He didn’t waste any time putting his dick back inside me as he quickly increased his speed. I fisted the sheets with the feeling of his intense invasion—the sounds of his hips slapping against my ass filled the room and made me wish I had turned volume louder on the television.

An abrupt drive from Nick caused me to cry out loudly at the onslaught of pleasure splintering through my insides and making me completely forget about volume control. My hold on the sheets increased along with his movements until I started to hear ripping sounds instigated by my tight grip.

“Christ, it would be so hot to watch you eat her pussy while I fucked you hard like this. Just the thought of it is making me lose control,” he hissed through his teeth as he kept up with his relentless rhythm—his words rushing between each forceful thrust.

Tossing my hair out of my face, I glanced up into the mirror on our headboard and smiled at the sight of him pressing into me. My back and hips arched upward toward him—offering myself to him willingly. I could see his taut stomach, arms, and chest muscles undulate as he slammed home. Just the view of him so turned on and animalistic was going to make me come.

My insides began to quiver and I felt the fire igniting deep inside me.

“Ahhh, yeah…” I whimpered, drawing out my sounds. His thrusts were so powerful they caused disjointed moans to escape my mouth.

Out of nowhere, I convulsed around him, embers sizzling through every inch of my body. Still locking my gaze with is, I came loudly with sounds of my climax echoing off the bedroom walls. My orgasm took me by such surprise, I almost collapsed with my knees shaking like leaves in a windstorm.

Nick snaked his arm around my waist and held me steady and strong, knowing my legs were about to give under the sheer pleasure that flowed through every fiber of my body.

He then followed with several sharp, erratic thrusts before he stilled, pouring himself into me as he found his release.

He wrapped both his arms around me and buried his scruffy face into the center of my back. We both knelt there, panting and gaining our bearings before we had to move.

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