Exposed Affections

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Staring at the hands of two men greedily clutching her legs, Julia is frozen in place—unsure of how she should react to their dual-intimacy. It’s one thing to have her photography professor show an interest in her, but to also have his identical twin making advances puts Julia’s mind into a total state of chaotic confusion. Is she able to handle the pressure of choosing between two men, who both manage to take her breath away?

In the last week, Julia Peterson’s life has become an emotional roller coaster with breathtaking twists that include breaking all the rules with a certain professor, to gut-wrenching horror as a stalker from her past lurks behind the scenes and threatens her new happiness.

Despite her attempts to conceal her secrets and keep her friends in the dark, she must learn to cope with the idea that not all secrets are meant to stay hidden. When her haunting past comes at her with a vengeance and life is determined to beat her down, Julia must discover true strength within herself before she is able to open her heart, find who she really is, and learn to love.

Exposed Affections is the second and final novel in the Cornerstone series, contains mature content, and is meant for adult readers ages 18 and up.

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Staring at the hands of both men greedily clutching my legs, I froze—unsure of how I should react to their dual-intimacy. The past week had been nothing but an emotional roller coaster. It was one thing to have my photography professor show an interest in me, but to also have his identical twin making advances put my mind into a total state of chaotic confusion.

Aiden’s hand lay possessively on my right knee while Coda’s hand squeezed my left, showing his assertiveness over my nerves. My heart was freaking out as I realized I could possibly lose Aiden over this. Or worse—tear brothers apart. I would never forgive myself.

I quickly gazed up to Aiden with what I could only imagine being a look of utter shock. What would he do? Would he blame me for being too provocative and flirtatious? Or would he blame Coda for coming onto me?

Aiden must have realized how tense I went because he finally looked over at me. He smiled at me with his gorgeous dimples and patted my knee. Did he not even notice?

I was at a loss. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. My nerves were making me shake and causing my stomach to flip all over the place.

“Does Coda make you nervous, Juliana?” Aiden asked as he turned his body slightly to face me. Coda tightened his hand on my knee, causing me to flinch with surprise.

I sat there, completely stunned, looking at Aiden for some sort of hint as to what I should say. I didn’t think I’d ever been so tongue tied around a man. Then again, he wasn’t just a man. He was a stunning, sensual man. No, wait. Scratch that. They were TWO sunning, sensual men.

“Does it bother you if he touches you?” Aiden probed, looking at me and waiting for my answer. “It’s not a trick question, Angel. You won’t hurt our feelings either way.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Did Aiden want me to like it? Did he want me to show my faithfulness by hating it? He said it wasn’t a trick. But even if I was comfortable with his loaded question, I didn’t even know what the answer was. Would admitting I liked both their hands on me make me a total slut?

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, Julia,” I heard Coda say as he began caressing my stocking-covered leg with his fingertips.

“I don’t know how I feel. I mean…” Oh, God. I closed my eyes and held my breath, attempting to calm my erratic heartbeat.

I felt a warm finger trace my jaw and grab my chin. Aiden.

“Breathe, Juliana,” Aiden whispered mere inches from my lips.

I took a deep breath and opened my lids. Gray eyes stared back at me and I saw nothing but adoration in his gaze.

“Are you all right, Julia?” Aiden asked, still grasping my chin with his finger and thumb.

I just nodded, unable to breathe let alone speak.

“Okay. Well, we’re here. You sure you’re okay?” he asked again.

I looked around and noticed we were in the restaurant parking lot. Blinking a few times, I was surprised Coda had his right arm behind my head and his left hand on my knee. Aiden caressed my shoulder with his left hand and his right hand stroked my face.

They were so close. I looked straight ahead as Aiden kissed my cheek and Coda pushed my curls aside to gain better access to my neck.

As Coda’s lips met the curve of my neck, I moaned. His hand began to glide up my leg and inch up my skirt until he felt the garter clip and traced his fingertips along the lace top of my stocking.

“Damn, those are hot as hell, Julia,” Coda murmured against my neck.

“Mmm…” Aiden agreed as he kissed a trail across my jaw.

“Oh, God,” I whimpered and closed my eyes. My senses were completely bombarded by these two powerful, enigmatic men.

“Coda, let’s take her inside. I need to make sure she’s fed before her shift, and if we stay in here, I’m not sure we can keep our hands off her,” Aiden admitted.

“Agreed. Come on, sugar. Lets get you inside. Maybe then we can talk,” Coda said as he kissed my cheek and pulled away.

At that point, my panties were completely drenched and I wasn’t sure I would be able to stand, let alone walk, under my own power.

They both got up at the same time and Aiden extended his hand to help me scoot out of the car. I grabbed it willingly as if his hold was my life raft.

Aiden pulled me in tight and hugged me. Just before he pulled away, he whispered in my ear, “It’s okay, Julia. We wouldn’t ever do anything against your will.”

After a quick kiss on the lips, he put his arm around my waist and began walking me toward the restaurant. Within moments, Coda grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together like it was a normal, everyday occurrence.

My mind was still spinning. They knew just how to get under my skin and turn my insides into pleasurable flutters. The car ride was a shocking revelation. A dilemma I never imagined I would have to face.

I left the house so confident and now I felt completely unsure of myself—unsure of what they wanted—unsure of what I was allowed to crave.