Voices of the Soul

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Throughout her entire life, Ella has heard voices. Voices inside her head. She’s never given much thought as to why she has this gift… or this curse, depending on which way you look at it. It’s not until she meets the mysterious Jonah that she begins to question her inherited abilities as a Soul Seer.

Learning to deal with loss and love, Ella manages to live a seemingly normal life… or so she thought.

Voices of the Soul was initially published in the Paranormal Anthology with a Twist by Cynthia Shepp.

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Slowly, things started to change. The night sky still shone with brilliance as the stars twinkled overhead like crystalline tears, but the trees and branches no longer obstructed my view. I could feel a chill run through my body, but Jonah’s warmth next to me made it bearable.

The stars began to multiply and were shining so bright, the sky actually looked to be a deep midnight blue. I could even see the misty flow of the Milky Way. Just below the swath of stars was Jupiter, shining radiantly. The fields of stars were so brilliant and plentiful, I could have swore we were floating through space. Nothing else around us but the dazzling stars, like tiny little holes in the floor of heaven.

“Come on, Ella. Let’s stand up,” Jonah said as he knelt beside me with an outstretched hand.

As I stood, I somehow knew where we were. Not because Jonah told me, but because he knew. His thoughts were not separate from mine. Our thoughts were one, together, up at the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The snow-capped mountaintop summit is one of the most popular places in the world to gaze at the stars.

We took several moments to take in what was quite possibly the most dramatic and stimulating scenery I have ever experienced. Stargazing at the heavens, I could see from Polaris to the Southern Cross, along with all the planets and constellations I have learned to identify over the years.

“Isn’t it breathtaking?” Jonah asked, as he held onto me tight and stared up at the starlit sky.

Looking at him, I could see the reflection of stars in his eyes, like diamonds dripping from the universe and winking at me through this beautiful man.