Shuttered Affections

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Emotionally riveting and electrifyingly sexy. Unputdownable. Rene burns up the pages and leaves you raw, desperately in need of more. —USA Today Bestselling Author, Christin Lovell

** With over 95 5-star reviews and winner of the IRC Best Book of 2014 award, you don’t want to miss this forbidden teacher/student romance. **

Juliana Petersen’s troubled past haunts her at every turn. The crippling memories of an abusive relationship, and the lack of support from her family, lead her to flee her old life and begin anew.

After settling into a quaint college town, Juliana finally feels at peace, content to stay under the radar and keep things simple.

Until Aiden Stone, her new photography professor, crashes into her life, blurring the line between love and lust. As their torrid affair reaches untold heights, Juliana struggles to keep her shuttered emotions, and growing affections, from throwing her into a relationship she isn’t prepared for.

With her newfound romance blinding her from the looming shadows of her past, her nightmares become reality, and she is forced to discover her true strength within.

NOTE: If you’re not a fan of taboo tales of love and lust or cliffhanger endings, this book isn’t for you. This student/teacher romantic suspense novel is the first book in the Cornerstone series and contains sexual situations meant for adult readers ages 18 and up.

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Aiden was sitting with his right leg bent, resting on the cushion, his right arm still draped along the back of the couch and his left hand in his lap.

From that angle, he could see the entire dance floor. He was just staring out onto the floor, looking devastatingly handsome, and patiently waiting.

“Here you go, Aiden,” I said cheerfully as I sat next to him.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a soft groan.

“I love hearing you say my name, Angel.” He looked directly at me when he said Angel.

I curled my feet up next to me on the couch, causing me to lean in slightly. He shifted his hand from his lap to take his beer from me. The hand he had draped over the back of the couch began to play with a stray curl and he just stared at me.

“So, what do you think of the place?” I asked as I gestured around us with my hand.

He kept playing with my hair and touching my cheek as he answered me. “It’s very interesting. I see why they call it H20. But, honestly, I’ve been focused on you ever since I walked through the doors. You flow around here with confidence and grace. You must love what you do.”

“I enjoy it. I wouldn’t say I love working in a club, but I enjoy the fast-paced environment. Also, most of the customers we get in here are always very nice and generous. The owners and security don’t put up with jackasses in here, so if we ever have a customer who gives us a hard time, they’re usually asked to leave. So, as far as dealing with the customers, it’s always a joy…”

“So, is that why the Godzilla from the front door spoke to you after you walked away from me?”

“Ahh, yeah. He saw your hand on me and he wanted to make sure everything was okay. He was prepared to give you the boot if I said so,” I admitted with a wink and a smile.

He just threw his head back and laughed. Oh, that sound was so wonderful. I’d love to make him laugh every day, just so I could hear that joyful sound.

“Julia, do you think the owner will let me take photos in here?” he asked with a hopeful look. ”I think if I use a monopod or tripod and no flash, I could get some really wicked photos in this place. Especially with all the blue accented throughout.”

“I don’t see why not, as long as you don’t publish any without her consent. I bet she would probably like you to if you let her use some for advertisement purposes too.”

He set his beer down and moved his face closer, trailing his finger along each part of my body as he slowly spoke his seductive words.

“I would love to photograph you right now, sitting here with the blue light reflecting in your eyes and off your skin, with your long hair dangling down your back and wispy curls falling around your face, with your top unbuttoned just enough to show your mesmerizing curves, with the top of your stockings and a hint of that red garter peeking out from under your skirt, and those red heels…” he rolled his head back and made a sound of pure frustration.

As he undulated each word, his finger trailed to each body part he spoke about. From my cheek, to the line of my hair, down my chest to my cleavage, then down my arm, over my hip, and to my leg, where you could just barely see a part between the lacy top of my stockings and the bottom hem of my skirt.

I could feel the wetness pool in my panties with each seductive word and gentle touch.

I was suddenly very thankful I chose my red garter and matching heels tonight. Maybe Pete was right. I was going to drive this man wild.

A huge smile crept up on my face at the thought.

I just met this man yesterday and I already wanted to sleep with him. I wanted to run my fingers through that golden hair of his and trail my tongue down his lean body. I wanted to see that tattoo.

Oh, the tattoo!

“Aiden?” I asked, batting my eyes ever so slightly.

“Yes, Angel?”

“What is that tattoo you have hiding there?” I asked as I trailed my finger over his muscles.

“Maybe you’ll have to find out sometime,” he said, while wagging his eyebrows in a playful manner.

I just laughed. He was going to tease me. Well, two could play that game.