Secrets of the Soul

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** This novella contains adult content and is not intended for younger readers. **

Jonah is certain about one thing—Ella is the sole reason his heart continues to beat each and every day. Witnessing the fragile state she’s been in, he fears reliving six years of dreams and losing her once again.

Working through his anger with his father and realizing those around him aren’t exactly who they seem, Jonah quickly learns Ella is much stronger than he thought. Suddenly, it is apparent their connection will be the fuel they need to surpass the insurmountable obstacles that lie ahead.

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Trailing behind her, I watched her dainty fingers tenderly float along the top of the blossoms, caressing each one as if they were soft down feathers on a field of baby ducklings. Her sundress swayed back and forth as she glided through the flowers, causing them to brush past her hips in rhythm with each step she took. Small waves rippled through the blossoms from her gentle touch as she continued to walk further away.

When she turned to look at me once more, I noticed she carried a small bushel of lavender blooms draped over the crook of her arm. Her smile was infectious and I had no choice but to return a grin, happy to enjoy this lovely view… and I’m not talking about the flowers.

Continuing to follow the wake of blooms she left behind, I noticed the right strap of her dress slipped from her creamy shoulder and draped lightly along the side of her arm. Quickening my pace slightly, I closed the distance between us and came up behind her. She stopped once she heard me approach, but never turned around.

Needing to feel her soft skin against my lips, I bent over marginally and pressed a tender kiss on top of her exposed shoulder. As I continued to cover her silky skin with my lips, I trailed my fingertips up her arm and caught the stray strap that still hung lazily against her bicep. Slowly, I put the strap back where it belonged as I made my way towards her neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist and watched as she tilted her head, exposing the long column of tender skin to my impatient caress. I could feel her pulse radiating through my lips like balls of fire. The feeling was so real, so intimate—I knew we could never deny our strong connection to each other.