Hearts of the Soul

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** This novella contains adult content and is not intended for younger readers. **

In life, a happy ending is something you only find in chick flicks. Yet no matter how often we are left with disappointment and struggle, we still strive for our happily ever after.

When Ella battles with her health, both her and Jonah strive to find the answers to their struggles. But is it possible they’ve been holding the key to their happiness in their arms this entire time? The connection they share leaves Ella feeling stronger and more confident than ever as they prepare to meet the Sideri. Will their love prevail?

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Jesse shrugged, not looking my way as she sat with no verbal response.

I stared at her, examining her, and waited for her to say something. The room was bright with florescent lights, yet a haze of darkness surrounded her. It didn’t seem like the gloom of evil. Instead, it seemed like she was surrounded with the fog of sadness. She was hurting and that pain wasn’t evident to me until then.

Studying her face, I noticed her thick, black eyeliner acted like a mask—something to cover her anguish and fear. Not fear for herself, but fear for others.

Now, reading auras wasn’t exactly my thing, but I was picking up on these emotions like it was second nature for me. This dark haze seemed to be weighing heavily on her natural magenta color, causing her levels to fluctuate with every passing moment.

“They’re not the reason I’m here,” Jesse finally whispered after several minutes of silence. Before I could ask what she meant by that, the door burst open again and students started filing in.

Taking advantage of the interruption, Jesse stood, looked at me for a brief moment, and began walking out the door.