Eyes of the Soul

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Jonah has never experienced a woman more stunning than the beauty that haunted his dreams.  Although his dreams had every feeling of reality, he woke up every morning with the stark realization that those Amethyst eyes were only a figment of his imagination.  Yet he still couldn’t seem to get her stare out of his mind.

Making his way through life, Jonah’s love of art became his outlet.  His talents proved to be the only way to recreate his dreams.  Her beauty was his constant.  Even though he didn’t know her name, he was determined that one day he would find her.

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She was breathtakingly beautiful, which never surprised me but still had me gasping for air. Golden blond curls sprang around her face as she smiled while riding a sleek, brown horse through a thicket of trees. The muscles of the horse tensed and flexed beneath her as she maneuvered the animal with affluence, causing its brown coat to shimmer in the moonlight. She guided the horse along the path with power and ease. Her splendor knows no bounds. What I wouldn’t give to be the one to put that smile on her face.

As much as I tried not to be the typical hungry male, I couldn’t help but notice her large, perfect breasts beneath the tank top she wore as they lightly sprang with the rhythm of her riding. Her heart-shaped backside in her tight jeans glided effortlessly against the saddle, bouncing in sync with the horse’s gait. Her taught legs hugged around the belly of the beautiful creature, controlling each and every move and holding on as if the horse was her life raft.

Wispy, amber waves danced behind her as the wind caught the locks. With grace and precision, she commanded the horse to stop, allowing the creature a moment to prance around before finally coming to a halt and settling into a powerful stance. When she turned her head to look at me, several curls wrapped around her face, causing her to flip her head back before looking back into my direction again.

My vision quickly zoomed in to view her striking amethyst eyes. The shimmering purple irises delved into my soul, learning every secret, knowing every thought. Her eyes smiled and beckoned me to follow as she turned and urged the horse to trot forward again. I didn’t have a choice. Nor did I hesitate as I trailed behind her, unexpectedly on a horse of my own. I would follow her anywhere.