First Chapter Sneak Peek of Frigid, Book One in The Elemental Trials

With the struggle to hone her powers as an elemental half-breed, Kirsi learns what it means to protect her heart all while keeping the town of Relic safe.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Frigid (The Elemental Trials #1)

Chapter One

Being a child of one of the most powerful sancti in the world came with great responsibility and consequences. So when the city of Relic was at risk, I knew I had to step up and fight for my kind.


I glanced over my shoulder while I ran, my hand holding my side. The stitches there were tearing at my skin, the wound a painful reminder of last week’s run-in, and the heeled boots I wore tonight weren’t doing me any favors. I had no idea why I decided to put them on. I should’ve known better than to assume I’d have a normal night.

When was anything in my life normal?

The n-word was clearly not in my vocabulary.

I huffed and continued, practically holding myself together as I ran through the streets of Relic toward the forest. I didn’t care one little bit about the looks I was getting from mortali bystanders. I needed to make it to the perimeter of my land, and that was my only focus. Once I hit the border, the wards I set would automatically protect me, keeping out any I didn’t choose to let in.

My date had been a disaster, ending with this God-forsaken chase. I could still feel the asshole’s slimy hands lingering on my skin. Just the memory sent chills up my spine. The fact I couldn’t pin down who—or what—it was had my insides coiling like I’d just swallowed a gulp of sour milk.

The malus approached me just outside the restaurant, its breath seeping into my sinuses like a poison, yet no verbal demand came from it. Regardless of its physical appearance being that of a human male, I could tell by the look in its eyes and the stench on its skin that it was anything but.

It didn’t take a genius to know I had to get far away and fast.

Whether I knew what was on my tail or not, I still had the subconscious feeling that if I didn’t run, I’d be sorry, not to mention I didn’t have the energy right now to take it on. Getting the hell out of dodge was best. I just wanted to go home and sulk about my disastrous evening, alone, with a glass of wine, a carton of ice cream, and who knew how many loads of laundry. What I didn’t want to do was play Buffy to some random Big Bad.

No matter how far I ran, it continued to hunt me down. Even after entering the forest and nearing the boundaries of my land. I suddenly wished I hadn’t planned the blind date so late at night. But what choice did I have? Even though I wasn’t the closer tonight, my shift at the bar didn’t end early by any means. Then again, there was no telling how long this malus had been waiting for me.

I didn’t dare look back this time to see how close my stalker was. With no time to spare, I wished I could kick off my damn heels, and I cursed whoever made such a torturous contraption. I also had a sneaking feeling that whoever was after me could use them as a catalyst of misery if I’d dared to leave them, leave a personal item, behind. Of course, hanging around witches too often would lend to such suspicions.

Once I ducked into the protection of the forest, I could hear the booming footsteps of the malus chasing me, and I took some comfort in knowing it was still keeping its physical appearance and not turning into a spectral entity. With a solid body, it would clearly be threatened by me if I chose to unleash my powers.

I could also see the border of my land clear as day, despite the darkness of the clouds looming overhead. The view of my property put a metaphorical fire under my backside to speed the hell up before I was caught.

A loud roar echoed through the trees shortly after my sore feet crossed the border into my territory.

My sanctuary.

I couldn’t help but stop to catch my breath. Inside these borders, I knew I was safe… for now.

Leaning against a tree, I praised each and every heartbeat I felt thrum through my chest. A heartbeat meant I was alive.

The blood pumping through my veins didn’t make me as happy, especially since I could feel the icy liquid seeping onto my fingers… the fingers that held my excruciatingly painful side.

I pulled the hand away and watched, enamored, as my purple blood glistened beneath the moonlight that peeked through the overcast sky.

“Well, that’s gonna leave a mark,” I said to the empty forest around me. I heard another roar in response and knew the malus could hear me.

A half-smile tugged at my lips. “Try and get me now, sucker,” I whispered.

I bet it was pretty damn furious it couldn’t get through, but I was nothing short of elated. It meant I could sleep—and that my wards worked. I needed to remember to thank my friend, Dean, for the spells.

Of course, I’d have to get these damn stitches mended back up before I could do much else.

The rest of the walk home wasn’t bad and allowed me to calm my breathing, the sounds of the stalker fading in the distance as I walked further and further away. I couldn’t help but wonder why it hadn’t given up as soon as it slammed into my protective barriers. Surely it knew that getting through was a lost cause… unless it was a total moron of a malus.

Another question for another day. Curses, if it weren’t for the bar, I’d likely keep myself holed up in the house for all eternity.

My house—my home—man, I loved this place.

It wasn’t considered large by any means, but it was a perfect place to relax, even if I did have to suffer through having a roommate in order to afford it.

The land was spacious though, and that was what I enjoyed the most. It gave me room to roam, and also room to protect myself. The house was nothing to really write home about, even though I honestly did love every single square foot of it. With vaulted ceilings and wood floors, the entire place screamed rustic.

No one would even think that the daughter of one of the most powerful female entities on the planet lived here.

Needless to say, I felt safe and completely secure as soon as my feet crossed over the threshold.

Once I unlocked the door and stepped in, my body slumped, the full force of the night kicking in. But there was no rest for the weary. I still had to attend to my side. I could have called a family friend who was a supernatural healer, but I wasn’t really up for company, even of the medical type. Besides, it was just a few stitches. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before. Too bad I didn’t have healing magic, though—a few mumbled words and a wave of my hand would make my night so much easier.

Hand held firmly against my side, I kicked at my bathroom door to open it, reaching gingerly under the sink for the ever-present first aid kit. It looked a little low, which meant I either needed to restock it or I needed to stop kicking asses.

I grimaced, thinking sourly, Or stop getting my ass hurt.

It could have been much worse, which was why I’d ran instead of confronting whatever decided to take a shot at me, anyway. I didn’t need another hole in my side before this one healed, and I just wasn’t in the fucking mood tonight.

I pulled my shirt off, groaning at the bloodstains. Yet another one of my favorites ruined. Frustrated, I just tossed it at the trash can. I’d likely need to get a second job just to pay for the damn clothes I was going through.

While using gauze to wipe away the purple blood, I watched, still fascinated after all these years, as it crystallized on the pad, frozen into a shimmery amethyst design. It was too damn cool. It was also one of the reasons I couldn’t let anyone see me bleed who didn’t know what I was. It didn’t make my life any easier.

After I threaded the needle, I held my breath and just did it. It only took four stitches to close it up, but the fact my blood was naturally chilled had numbed it up pretty good, so it wasn’t anything but the feeling of push and tug. I slapped a bandage over it, did a half-ass job of cleaning up, and walked shirtless up the stairs to my room, thanking the gods my roommate wasn’t home.

Once I grabbed a shirt off a chair, unsnapped my bloody bra and chucked it off, and pushed my arms into the sleeves, I remembered the load of laundry I put in the washer… two days ago. Toeing off my boots to relieve my aching feet first, I stomped back down to the laundry room, buttoning the soft flannel over my bare breasts and cursing under my breath. The flannel might not match my leather pants, but it was comfortable, and that was all I wanted.

Lifting the washer lid, I inhaled a deep breath, sniffing nothing but a musty stench… blech! Of all the things I excelled at, laundry wasn’t one of them. As often as I’d done it, I still managed to leave my goddamn clothes in the washer for too long.

I could blame my hectic life, but in all honesty, it was me being completely non-observant and utterly lazy when it came to mundane chores.

My oversight was infuriating.

With jerky movements, I pulled the soap drawer open, slathered a shit-ton of detergent in the well, and slammed it closed, mashing the buttons until the stupid machine sang to me, noting the load was now washing again.

My dumbass would ultimately forget to put the load from the washer into the dryer in time yet again. It was inevitable.

I made a mental note to get my butt down to the laundry room in about forty minutes… sleep be damned. If I were smart, I would set an alarm on my phone. But that seemed like too much work.

More work than rewashing clothes?

My subconscious needed to shut the hell up.

With sluggish feet, I stomped back up to my room, each stair a challenge as I struggled to make my muscles cooperate. Maybe I should set an alarm on my phone so I didn’t forget about the laundry again. I could already feel my body falling asleep before I even hit the bed.

As soon as I entered my room, my senses heightened. Someone had been here… or was still here. I couldn’t quite peg which. All I knew was the atmosphere felt different… warmer. I wasn’t sure how it was even possible since I knew my wards worked earlier and my roommate was clearly not home, but it was obvious to me now that something had managed to cross them.

Something that had a pulse.

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