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Red Hot Authors Present
Red Hot Cajun Nights Blog Hop
February 1 – 7

This Mardi Gras Season, Let the Sinful Good Times Roll!

Let your imagination take you all the way to New Orleans for Carnival season as eight sexy romance authors bring you eight fabulous $.99 books to warm your winter.

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Trapt-ebook-webTrapt: A Twisted Wolf Tale by Rene Folsom

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Mardi Gras is coming, and no one is more excited than Jolie—The Big Easy’s resident good witch. Amidst the festivities, darkness creeps under the blissful veil of love she is entangled with. Her twin sister, the evil witch Melanie, is out to destroy Jolie before her powers can usurp her own, willing to stop at nothing to do so. Jolie, aided by Asher and his seven-man wolf pack, are set to keep New Orleans safe from Melanie’s sorcery, or die trying.

Enjoy the story of Jolie and Asher, a modern-day retelling of the classic tale Snow White.

Warning: This supernatural urban fantasy romance novella contains adult situations and is meant for ages 18+.

Fat Tuesday Party

Want even more prizes? We’re having a huge Mardi Gras Facebook Party on Tuesday, February 17. Click on the link then Join the party to hang out with us on Mardi Gras Day. You can bet we’re going to have some sinfully awesome giveaways!

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For your chance to win either a signed paperback and matching swag pack (US only) -OR- a $10 Amazon gift card (international), comment below with your favorite classic fairy tale. Winners will be chosen at midnight on February 7th, 2015.

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Enjoy the rest of the Red Hot Cajun Nights books, and let the sinful good times roll!

CajunNights-logo-webThis Fat Tuesday, something sinfully fun is coming your way. Spice up your night with eight spine-tingling stories sure to warm up your night. This Mardi Gras season, let the sinful, good times roll with TRAPT, part of the Red Hot Cajun Nights multi-author series of eight stories for 99 cents each. Each book stands alone for reading enjoyment.

For more wicked Carnival fun, check out these other stories and get your party on!

Pretty Face by Sable Hunter

Sable Hunter - Pretty FaceCody’s life is defined by two great truths. She is in love…and she has committed a great sin. Cody has been playing with fire and she’s about to get burned. Hungry for attention, she allowed a wonderful man to fall in love with her. Their only contact has been on the internet and telephone conversations. Cody put a good spin on her life by telling half-truths and sending photos of a woman with a beautiful body and a pretty face, only the woman wasn’t Cody. Scarred by abuse, she hides from prying eyes.

Cody loves Hunter enough to let him go. Full of guilt, she is prepared to disappear from his life. Hunter begs to meet her but she refuses. But if Cody won’t come to him, Hunter will come to Cody.

Louisiana is in the midst of Mardi Gras, a time of love, laughter and letting the good times roll. Masks are worn at Mardi Gras and the mask Cody wears will hide more than a pretty face.

Cajun Spice by Desiree Holt

Desiree Holt - Cajun SpiceDaisy Kerr’s life has reached the edge of the cliff and fallen off. Her so-called fiancé Craig Myers has embezzled millions from the investment firm where they both work and left her holding the bag. The FBI thinks she’s somehow involved, she’s been fired from her job and the condo she lives in belongs to Craig. Heartsick and depressed, she decides to use the tickets Craig had bought for their trip to Mardi Gras and see if she can “Let eh good times roll” in New Orleans. For a few days she can party and forget about her troubles. Maybe even meet a sexy Cajun man to take her mind of her troubles. A fling sounds really good to her right about now.

Leaving the airport she meets Marc Doucet, a Louisiana native now living in New York. He tells her he’s in town on business but he’d love to show her the ropes of Mardi Gras. And a whole lot more. It’s not long before he’s really putting some Cajun spice in her life and then some. Sex had never been so good or made her feel so special. Maybe they might even see each other back in New York if she can straighten out the mess her life is.

But what Daisy doesn’t know is Marc is an FBI agent sent to ferret out any knowledge she might have of Craig’s scheme. His plan was to romance her, until romance landed in their laps for real. When Daisy overhears him in a phone conversation with his boss she feels betrayed once again and can’t get out of town fast enough. It will take a grand gesture on Marc’s part to get past the new walls around her heart and convince her what they have is real.

Hurricanes & Handcuffs by Jodi Redford

Jodi Redford - Hurricanes and HandcuffsGabrielle Scott is fed up with helping her playboy boss seduce and woo his countless bimbettes courtesy of her culinary masterpieces. Yeah, the pay is good, and you can’t beat the luxurious digs she’s treated to as his resident personal chef. But she can’t afford the frustration of living under the same roof with the one man who drives her crazy in every possible way. The damnable truth? She’s in love with the irredeemable bastard, and the only way she’ll get over him is to get naked under him. The plan? Attend Jax’s annual Mardi Gras ball incognito and entice him into a hot night of sin—right before handing in her resignation.

Jaxon Noble always gets what he wants. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex. So when Gabbi shows up at his party in an eye-popping costume and outrageously flirts with him it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll finally be his. He’s more than happy to go along with her game, and the combustible heat they generate together proves it was well worth the wait to have her. But when morning comes and Gabrielle calmly announces she’s quitting, Jax is faced with the sobering fact that perhaps money can’t buy everything. Or more to the point—the only person who’s ever meant anything to him.

For someone who’s used to winning at all costs, losing Gabbi isn’t an option. And Jax will pull out every sweet and sexy trick to convince her to take a chance on a forever with him. Even if it means handcuffing her to his bed.

Wicked Perfection by Magen McMinimy

Magen McMinimy - Wicked PerfectionWhen Malea’s best friend, roommate, and infatuation is arrested, tried, and convicted, she’s left alone. What she once loved about their cozy little apartment in chilly, fog-ridden, Northern California turns out to be too much for her still-aching heart. With her budding career as an author, Malea can go anywhere, and no place sounds better than the warmth and spice of The Big Easy.

They say time heals, but it’s been over three years of Malea spending her time working, and searching for a connection to help her forget the only man she ever loved—unrequited as it may have been—the pain still stings as loneliness settles against her heart.

When the Quarter fills with laughter and music in celebration of Mardi Gras, will Malea find what she needs in the crowded streets of the French Quarter? Or will an unexpected encounter change the game completely? As they say, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler…

This Mardi Gras Season, let the sinful good times roll with Wicked Perfection, A Night Sinners Novella and part of the Red Hot Cajun Nights multi-author series (stands alone for reading enjoyment).

*Wicked Perfection is a M/M/F story intended for readers of 18 and older.

All Smoke No Fire by Randi Alexander

Randi Alexander - All Smoke No FireDax Marshall is surprised when country music singer Marilou Roselle calls him out on stage to perform the song he hoped to sell her. But he’s shocked when she invites him to ride with her to New Orleans for a Mardi Gras performance. He makes the uncharacteristic choice to call in sick to his job on the oil field, and head south with her. But somewhere between South Dakota and Louisiana, he falls for the intelligent, motivated, sensual woman.

Marilou sees great potential in Dax. He has a deep, seductive voice and a strong, sexy body, but she knows he’ll always stay behind the scenes as a songwriter if she doesn’t push him toward a singing career. The attraction between them grows hotter than a Bourbon Street bar on Mardi Gras Day and they give in to their wild desire. But Dax learns he’s not Marilou’s first “project” and heads home, confused and heartbroken. Can she convince him that their bond isn’t like those other times, that what she feels for him is real?

Behind the Veil by Shyla Colt

Shyla Colt - Behind the VeilThe world as we knew it didn’t end in fire or nuclear radiation. It ended the same way it began, with magic. Once the creatures that lived in the darkness stepped into the light, the world changed forever.

As the people of New Orleans crawl their way from the ruins of an old life, new alliances must be made. Delta always knew she’d take her place as Queen of the Bayou witches, but she never imagined marriage to shape shifter King, Ridge Tassin would be part of the deal.

The fire burns bright between them, and what seemed like a curse may be the best thing that’s ever happened. Under the glitz and glamor of the first Madi Gras since the world burned, they will say their vows and assume power, or perish trying.

One Cajun Night by Christin Lovell

Christin Lovell - One Cajun NightOne extra curvy woman.
One extra sexy Navy SEAL Officer.
One night of fun, on the best night to be in New Orleans: Fat Tuesday.

At forty, plus size Samantha Baker was still trying to figure her life out, and then, along came Hardy Johnson – Navy SEAL, big flirt, and the best kisser she’d had the pleasure of kissing. He broke her out of her corporate shell and rocked her world.

The problem? His ship is only docked for thirty-six hours, which isn’t long enough to fall in love…or is it?

This Mardi Gras, there’s more than parades, music and beads; there’s magic, love and possibility…and those are the things that turn strangers into friends, friends into lovers, and lovers into so much more.


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  1. I think my favorite is Beauty and the Beast! Beautiful cover, good luck on the release. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. I love Beauty and the Beast too. Trust, which is also in the Twisted Wolf Tales Series, is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It’ll only be 99 cents for a little while longer if you’d like to check it out. — and thanks for all the well wishes! <3

  3. Mine is Cinderella. Still watch it when they make movie adaptations.

  4. Cinderella is such an amazing fairy tale. Love it!

  5. I always enjoyed Sleeping Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin.

  6. Sleeping Beauty is my mom’s favorite and I hope to work it into a new story some day. I think the Twisted Wolf Tales series will probably have to have a non-wolf spin off, don’t you think? LOL Thanks for sharing! <3

  7. Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Anytime, Carol! Do you have a favorite classic fairy tale? I love hearing what people enjoy. 🙂

  9. My favorite fairytale is Cinderella!! 🙂

  10. Cinderella is one of the most popular classics, and one that I really adore. Disney did a great job on theirs, but I’ve also enjoyed all the other adaptations, especially the one starring Lesley Ann Warren. <3

  11. Favorite classic fairytale would be Sleeping Beauty

  12. LOVE Sleeping Beauty! <3

  13. My favorite is Cinderella. Also thanks to the Red Hot Cajun Nights blog hop. I have found a new writer. Thank you for joining so I can read your books. I love to meet new writers. When I do I always start reading with the first book that they write. I call it my catching up time.

  14. Aww, that’s great, Felicia! I’m so glad you’re finding all kinds of new authors. Some of the firsts you’ll want to start out with would have to be my free books. You’re more than welcome to drop me a line with the specific genres you enjoy and I’ll respond with some recommendations. Enjoy!

  15. My favorite would have to be Cinderella. Thanks for this chance!


  16. Cinderella seems to be the fan favorite of this blog hop so far! Love it!

  17. Cinderella

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  18. I have always loved BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

  19. Beauty and the Beast, definitely 🙂 Plus, it totally has better songs in it than Cinderella. Super excited for Emma Watson to play Belle in a live action version 🙂

  20. I would choose “The Ugly Duckling” There are so many lessons to be learned from this tale. Overcoming being different is something many people go through. So is transformation. Think prepubescents and the move into teenaged adulthood. I choose this story because it happens in nature and can easily be relatable to young persons and speaks a message that is really timeless.

  21. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I can’t wait to read all the books in this series.

  22. What is your favorite classic fairy tale?

    I love both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty equally. They both face challenges but with the help of friends were able to overcome these and live happily ever after. I even liked the many books and movies based on the premise of each. I have both of the Disney versions and like to watch them on occasion. They are fun!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Belinda G
    belgre at centurylink dot net

  23. Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner of the signed paperback and swag pack is Felicia Sidoma. Congrats, Felicia! I’ll be sending you an email right away. I hope everyone had fun participating in the Red Hot Cajun Nights blog hop! <3

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